Bai M. N. Gamadia Girls' High School


Bai M. N. Gamadia Girls' High School

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Exhibition on arts and crafts related to Maharashtra and Odisha- 2022

(Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat)

कला व हस्तकला या विषयी प्रदर्शन (Arts and Crafts Exhibition) with the theme Odisha was held on . The Students of Std 5 to 9 participated in the competition, they depicted the  rich cultural and artistic heritage of Odisha in their artwork. The following are the winners of the competition:

Group-1: Junior Category (Stds 5 to 8)

1st Place – Ms.  Vrusha Darji Std VIII

2nd Place – Ms. Drishti Vanjara Std VIII

3rd Place – Ms. Naysha Suthar  Std VIII

Group-2: Senior Category (Stds 9)

1st Place – Ms. Prachi Churasiya Std IX

2nd Place – Ms. Nidhi Rana Std IX

3rd Place – Ms. Mehek Pate Std IX

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