Bai M. N. Gamadia Girls' High School


Bai M. N. Gamadia Girls' High School


Dear Gamadia World,


On behalf of the entire Gamadia World, I would like to welcome you and your families to the new academic session of 2021-22.

We, at Gamadia, have always envisaged an all round and balanced education based on social, intellectual, physical, emotional and moral domains.

Covid 19 has surely altered and disrupted our normal lives across the world. We understand the challenges faced by you, your parents and the teachers to cater to the academic needs during closure of physical school and adapting to virtual learning.

But, I am very proud of you all as you continued to demonstrate diligence, motivation and determination to work to the best of your abilities.

This would have been impossible without the big hands and support of our Trustees and Members of the Managing Committee.

Our dedicated staff- both teaching and non teaching are expressing their care and concern for pupils working from home, preparing notes, planning activities, making lessons interactive and interesting, engaging classes Online capturing your attention – all for your benefit.

A big thank you to all our parents for their cooperation.

We should not let the Pandemic pin us down. We must remain positive and keep our spirits alive.

Stay well; Stay happy and safe.


Zarin Behram Rabadi